The first time I met an American

I think Jeff is the coolest person in the world ever. He is from America and is tall with dark hair and a nice smile. He is grown up but not old like my daddy. He wears a red baseball cap. I can hear my mummy on the phone talking about him, saying how he things our roads are very small and windy. He gave me a Hershey bar, a real Hershey bar, like on TV. Me and my big brother ate the chocolate which tasted not very good but we loved it anyway. I kept the wrapper, which is silver tinfoil and then brown paper, and smooth it out until it looks like there might still be chocolate inside – only it is too crinkled and thin. I hide it in my room. I am a little bit scared of Jeff. Not scared like of ghosts though. He has a sister called Caramel, which is a sweetie. My mummy says I am not saying it right and says it over again but all I hear is caramel. I say it slow car-a-mel and she laughs at me. Geoff is staying in the spare room. He went away somewhere with my daddy and I sneaked into his room and looked at his stuff. I didn’t touch anything. I held my breath a little too. The room was warm, the curtains are closed and everything seems red the way the light is shining in and still and slow. I smile on the inside when I think of Jeff. I think that when I grow up I will marry him.


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